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Meet Leading 15 Inspiring Personalities Who Are Transforming Industries and Changing Lives in 2024

In 2024, a group of 15 visionary leaders is transforming industries and changing lives with their groundbreaking contributions. From innovative business practices and educational initiatives to musical innovations and setting new standards in various fields, these personalities are driving significant progress. Their efforts span the medical, architectural, legal, and skincare sectors, among others, showcasing a diverse range of expertise and impact. Additionally, entrepreneurs are revolutionizing their respective industries through resilience and excellence.

1. Dr. Manoj Sharma

Dr. Manoj Sharma, a prominent entrepreneur and author, is the visionary CEO of BORT Technology OPC Pvt Ltd, based in Rishikesh, Uttarakhand. His passion for innovation and relentless drive for success have earned him numerous accolades, including the Best Indian Visionary and Leadership Business Icon of 2023. Under Dr. Sharma’s leadership, BORT Technology has excelled in global company formation, business expansion, digital marketing, and software solutions. Known for his mentorship and commitment to excellence, he inspires aspiring entrepreneurs worldwide. Dr. Sharma emphasizes lifelong learning, resilience, and adaptability as essential qualities for success. His vision for a prosperous entrepreneurial landscape continues to shape the future of the industry, making a significant impact on modern business practices.

2. Vaishnavee Eishwar Maanay 

Vaishnavee Eishwar Maanay is a dynamic figure in education and entrepreneurship, seamlessly balancing her roles as an academic administrator, entrepreneur, and soccer mom. With a Master’s in International Business from Manchester and an IIM Bangalore alumna, she heads the Media department at BNM Institute of Technology, Bangalore. Vaishnavee co-founded The Big Barn Farm, a pioneering initiative providing immersive, hands-on learning experiences for children, blending education with practical farming. Her efforts extend to the TEDx and Wellness Clubs at BNMIT, where she promotes fitness and well-being. Her innovative approach to education and community service, coupled with her dedication to holistic living, underscores her commitment to nurturing young minds and fostering an inclusive society.

3.Advocate Bindu Dubey

Advocate Bindu Dubey, a pioneering legal expert, is driving global change with her innovative legal strategies. Renowned for her dedication to justice and equity, she has redefined corporate governance, promoting social and environmental responsibility.

Her recent landmark cases in corporate and criminal law have set new standards, reflecting her commitment to fairness and sustainability. Dubey’s proactive approach has revolutionized how companies handle POSH cases, leading to significant transformations.

As a mentor and public speaker, Dubey inspires many professionals and young advocates, emphasizing the blend of legal expertise and ethical responsibility. Her profound impact is evident in the evolving industries and the positive changes experienced by communities under her guidance.

4. Swatej Agrawal

Swatej Agrawal, popularly known as Swattrex, has made a remarkable impact in the music industry as a musician, DJ, podcaster, and vlogger from Delhi. Since starting his journey in 2017, Swattrex has amassed over 200 million streams worldwide with more than 350 songs, including over 100 original releases. His work features on major labels like Sony Music India, Universal Music India, and Saregama Music. He has performed at over 130 colleges and 50 clubs, showcasing his unique sound and melodies. Swattrex also founded Rex Empire, an innovative music distribution platform that supports independent artists. His vision for the future includes representing India internationally and continuously pushing genre boundaries in music.

5. Neerajj Gooyal

Neerajj Gooyal, the visionary behind Goju Retail Marketing, embarked on his journey driven by a personal experience with a loved one’s skin issues. This motivated him to innovate effective skincare solutions. At Goju, two key principles drive their mission: efficacy and integrity. Neerajj’s dedication to research and development has led to groundbreaking products, earning Goju industry recognition and customer trust. Despite challenges, like balancing sustainability with product quality, Neerajj’s innovative strategies have set a new standard in the industry. With a vision to prioritize holistic well-being and environmental responsibility, Goju continues to reshape the health and skincare landscape. Neerajj advises aspiring professionals to embrace curiosity, perseverance, and authenticity to achieve lasting success.

6. Dr. Bimal Ramani

Dr. Bimal Ramani, an accomplished Indian medical practitioner, researcher, and Amazon bestselling author, dedicates his expertise to exploring human powers and cosmic energy. As the Director of Solar Hospitals Pvt Ltd and Grace GPS Healthcare Pvt Ltd, he blends traditional medical practice with pioneering training in enhancing psychic abilities. Since 2009, his programs have enabled individuals to control pain, perform tasks blindfolded, and achieve extraordinary feats without medication. His work with children, including those with autism and ADHD, focuses on unleashing their hidden potential and improving their mental and emotional well-being. Dr. Ramani’s innovative approach has earned widespread recognition, making significant strides in both the medical and personal development fields.

7. Mr. Ravindra K Joshi

Vastuvid Architects & Interior Designers, led by Ravindra, exemplify excellence in both aesthetic and functional design. With over 35 years of experience, Ravindra has significantly impacted elite projects in Pune, collaborating with over 50 builders. His international tenure in Qatar, as Chief Architect on prestigious projects for Qatar Foundation and Qatar Olympic Committee, has infused his work with a global perspective.

Ravindra’s commitment to giving back is evident in his teaching roles at esteemed institutions like BNCA, Marathwada Mitra Mandal Institute of Design, and Suryadatta. As a visiting faculty member, he leverages his extensive experience to educate future architects on the practical realities of the industry, bridging national and international insights for the next generation.

8. Adv. Vishrut Relan

Adv. Vishrut Relan, founder of Relan’s Legal a multi practice Law Firm. He has over five years of experience in legal practice and consultancy, drawing inspiration from his grandfather, the renowned 90s lawyer Shri C.D. Relan. His academic background includes a BBA.LL.B (H), LL.M in Corporate Law, and multiple specialized diplomas. Recognized among India’s Brightest Talents for 2023 (40 under 40 by The Indian Alert) and awarded Best Corporate and Banking Lawyer at the 2024 National Business Awards, Vishrut is dedicated to offering affordable legal services related to various areas of Law  and specially for startups. He has implemented tech-based protocols at his firm to enhance efficiency and accuracy. With aspirations for international expansion, Vishrut is committed to providing pro bono services to the underprivileged, reflecting his belief that legal aid should be accessible to all.

9. Manoj Rathi

Manoj Rathi, Founder and CEO of Krono, is a dedicated entrepreneur and world-class marketer known for his strategic prowess and passion for design and number crunching. Drawing inspiration from his travels, Manoj leads with intent and a commitment to impact. Over two decades, his consistent efforts and team management skills have turned his vision into reality. Krono, founded in 2006, specializes in generating and nurturing qualified leads for luxury products and services. Based in Mumbai, Krono’s 200-strong team offers cutting-edge marketing solutions. Despite initial challenges, Manoj’s perseverance has led Krono to serve over 15,000 corporate clients across 40+ industries, focusing on quality service, cost-effectiveness, and excellent ROI.

10. Praveen P Nandinervanda 

Praveen P Nandinervanda is a distinguished Vastu Shastra practitioner, driven by a passion for harmonizing living spaces with ancient wisdom. His work emphasizes balance, functional design, sustainability, and holistic well-being. Praveen’s innovative approach avoids costly demolitions, instead offering energy corrections that respect existing structures. His accolades include the Vastu Ratan Samman and Global Astro Icon Award 2023. Praveen’s dedication extends to educating clients about Vastu principles, transforming them into knowledgeable advocates. Facing challenges from misinformation, he strives to clarify and spread true Vastu knowledge. With a vision of widespread education in Vastu, Praveen plans to teach this science, ensuring it becomes accessible and impactful for all. His journey underscores lifelong learning and respect in the field.

11. Dr. Omkar Prasad Baidya


Dr. Omkar Prasad Baidya, an esteemed Indian physician, philosopher, and author, has significantly impacted healthcare and moral philosophy. Born in 1984 in Agartala, Tripura, he is a faculty member at a Medical Institute  in Kolkata. Dr. Baidya’s work emphasizes on human morality and human virtues as foundation  for world peace and human development. His notable books include “Morality Beyond the Human Brain”, ” Universal Ethics and World Peace: My philosophy of life”, Nature and Morality and  “A Path to World Peace,” where he introduces innovative theories on human morality and the role of universal ethics and universal religion, and human virtues in establishment of global peace. His contributions have earned him numerous awards, including the Mahatma Gandhi Nobel Peace Award and the Nelson Mandela Nobel Peace Award. Through his writings, he has given importance to  moral leadership and human virtues in shaping human lives and human civilisation and to promote global peace and harmony.

12. Renuka Singh

Renuka Singh, the creative force behind Rangrez, leads a pioneering brand that intersects fashion with art, driven by a passion for cultural appreciation and social responsibility. By integrating diverse artistic influences—from photography to calligraphy—into their designs, Rangrez crafts pieces that are not just visually striking but also deeply meaningful. The brand’s notable achievements include collaborations with prestigious cultural festivals and expanding into digital art for immersive events. Rangrez’s innovative approach to fashion fusion transcends traditional boundaries, redefining how art and fashion interact. Overcoming challenges through education and interactive exhibitions, Rangrez has reshaped consumer perceptions, positioning itself as a bridge between art and fashion. Looking forward, Rangrez aims to inspire global change by continuing to create innovative, socially conscious collections that provoke thought and foster appreciation for artistic diversity.

13. Rohit Tandon

Rohit Tandon, the visionary entrepreneur behind Zoca and Yolo, started his journey from humble beginnings in Delhi. Motivated by a passion for culinary arts and a desire to innovate, Rohit’s career in hospitality began at ITC Maurya Sheraton, where he swiftly rose through the ranks before venturing into entrepreneurship with Yummy Tummy. His transition to Fraterniti Foods in 2017 marked a significant milestone, leading to remarkable achievements like being recognized among the top F&B franchises and receiving multiple industry awards. Rohit’s innovation in digital transformation for restaurants has set new standards, enhancing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction. Looking ahead, his vision includes expanding his culinary empire while promoting sustainability and cultural integration. Rohit’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs emphasizes embracing innovation and staying committed to excellence in the ever-evolving food industry landscape.

14. Karan Makan

Karan Makan, a prominent figure in the food and beverage industry, co-founded Fraterniti Foods to innovate and excel in culinary arts. His journey began with China Box, quickly becoming a favorite in India’s café scene. Karan’s core values prioritize quality, customer satisfaction, and sustainability, earning him recognition such as Top 10 Food & Beverage Franchises and Fastest Growing café chain awards. He pioneered a blockchain-based supply chain platform, ensuring transparency and trust in food sourcing. Overcoming operational challenges, Karan optimized production efficiency and freshness through strategic partnerships and streamlined processes. Looking ahead, he aims to advance a transparent, sustainable food ecosystem using technology and community engagement, advising aspiring entrepreneurs to embrace innovation and perseverance in their culinary endeavors.


Trivikram, CEO of Internzlearn, leads a pioneering EdTech company dedicated to enhancing career prospects through comprehensive training and internships. Motivated by a commitment to lifelong learning, he founded Internzlearn to bridge the gap between education and employability for young professionals. His principles prioritize quality education, innovation in learning methodologies, and fostering a student-centric environment. Under his leadership, Internzlearn has launched over 100 specialized programs, developed a cutting-edge Learning Management System (LMS), and earned industry accolades such as Best EdTech Startup and Innovator of the Year. Trivikram’s vision emphasizes global accessibility, leveraging technology like AI and VR to create inclusive educational experiences that empower learners worldwide.

Their stories inspire us to embrace innovation, resilience, and a commitment to excellence, shaping a brighter future for all. As these leaders continue to pioneer advancements and redefine industry standards, their impact will undoubtedly leave a lasting legacy, encouraging others to follow in their transformative footsteps.

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