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Revolutionizing International Education: Meet Farheen Ansari and Her Education Startup

In a world where pursuing higher education abroad often seems financially unattainable for many students, Farheen Ansari, a 20-year-old student hailing from India, has set out on a mission to change this narrative. With the founding of her education startup, INITIO Education, Farheen aims to make quality education accessible to Indian students, providing them with an opportunity to study in Turkey – a country renowned for its world-class education and affordable living expenses. In this article, we explore Farheen’s journey and her vision for transforming the education sector.

Farheen’s foray into Turkey was serendipitous. While researching potential universities for her Master’s degree, she stumbled upon Sabanci University, a top-ranking institution in Turkey, offering exceptional scholarships to international students. Farheen took a leap of faith and applied, eventually securing a remarkable 75% scholarship on her tuition fees. Thus began her life-changing journey to Turkey, where she not only found exceptional academics but also a culturally enriching experience.

During her time in Turkey, Farheen realized the immense potential the country held as an education hub. Turkey offered a unique combination of affordable tuition fees, high-quality education, and a diverse student community from all over the world. Inspired by the opportunities she found there, Farheen decided to launch her education startup, aiming to help Indian students access the same world-class education and cultural exposure.

Balancing academic responsibilities with the demands of a fledgling startup proved to be a challenge for Farheen. However, her unwavering determination and drive to succeed kept her going. She understood the importance of excelling academically, not only for personal growth but also to build credibility for her startup. By utilizing her summer breaks efficiently, she managed to establish the foundation of her consultancy, striving to ensure its smooth operation in her absence.

Farheen’s startup addresses two significant issues in the education sector. Firstly, she aims to provide a practical and research-oriented approach to learning, something lacking in traditional Indian education. Students studying in Turkey benefit from opportunities to engage in research projects under professors, enhancing their academic profiles significantly.

Secondly, INITIO Education is committed to making education abroad financially accessible. Farheen’s consultancy does not charge any consultation fees from students, eliminating the burden of additional expenses. By promoting Turkey as an ideal destination for Indian students, where living costs are comparatively lower, she hopes to bridge the gap between aspirations and affordability.

What sets INITIO Education apart from other similar initiatives is its exclusive focus on Turkey as a destination for Indian students. Farheen’s personal experience and expertise as a student in Turkey lend credibility to her consultancy. Additionally, INITIO Education directly partners with Turkish universities, avoiding the intermediary model that often leads to inflated costs. This direct connection ensures better assistance for students and smooth communication with universities.

Farheen Ansari’s education startup, INITIO Education, stands as a beacon of hope for Indian students aspiring to study abroad. By breaking the barriers of affordability and emphasizing practical learning, she seeks to empower students to achieve their academic dreams without financial burdens. Her passion and drive are driving forces behind the success of her startup, and she continues to inspire young minds to explore the world of education beyond borders. As Farheen’s journey unfolds, her commitment to transforming lives through education remains resolute, leaving an indelible mark on the future of the education sector.


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