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Celebrated Hair Stylist Savio John Pereira Launches Fourth Salon in Thane

Renowned celebrity hairstylist and industry veteran, Savio John Pereira, proudly announces the grand opening of his fourth salon in Thane. The Thane salon boasts a space over 25 seater and is going to be a  trendsetter in hair care & spa with a whopping area of over 4000 plus sq ft.

SJP promises patrons at Thane a truly unique experience in hair care exactly how he has been servicing Bollywood and India’s Elite.

With a rich legacy spanning over two decades, Savio John Pereira has become a household name in the hair industry, captivating clients from Bollywood, Tollywood, and esteemed socialites and politicians across India.

Savio has served as the Indian Brand Ambassador for top international hair care brands and has a long list of celebrity clients, including Priyanka Chopra, Neha Dhupia, and M.S. Dhoni, among others. With his latest salon opening in Thane, Savio aims to bring his exceptional skills and expertise to residents of the city, elevating their haircare and spa experience to new heights.

Since his humble beginnings in 1997, Savio John Pereira has honed his craft under the tutelage of skilled artisans from India and worldwide. In 2009, he unveiled his flagship salon, Savio John Pereira – The Salon, in Mumbai, revolutionising the salon experience. This was followed by the establishment of his academy in 2011 and the groundbreaking Online Lockdown Hairdressing Education Initiative in 2020. As one of India’s most influential figures in the hair industry, Savio has garnered numerous awards, accolades, and an extensive roster of celebrity clients. He proudly serves as the Indian Brand Ambassador for several top international hair care brands.

Beyond his thriving businesses, Savio also dedicates himself to educating aspiring hairstylists through his academy, The Grooming School. This initiative not only imparts technical skills but also aims to nurture and inspire the next generation of hair DC distinction as the only hairdresser in India to have conducted the maximum number of hair shows.

In addition to his national success, Savio has also significantly impacted the global stage. He became the first Indian hairstylist to be chosen as part of the international jury and judge for the esteemed ‘Organisation Mondiale Coiffure (OMC) – Hairworld.’

Savio John Pereira’s fourth salon in Thane is set to redefine the hair care experience, offering residents an opportunity to indulge in world-class treatments and styling services.

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