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PMAY Housing Scheme: A Beacon of Hope for the Underprivileged in Uttarakhand

In a remarkable initiative aimed at addressing the housing needs of the underprivileged, the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY) in Uttarakhand has witnessed the successful construction of 537 homes. The allocation event, which took place in the gracious presence of esteemed dignitaries, was a moment of joy and hope for those who will now have a place to call their own. The event was attended by Shri Prem Chandra Agarwal, the Honorable Urban Development Minister of Uttarakhand, and Shri Prakash Chandra Dumka, Additional Commissioner of Awas Vikas Parishad, among other esteemed guests.

88 Homes Constructed by Abhishek Engineer Managing Director Ghanshyam Tiwari

The housing scheme saw the construction of 88 homes under the able guidance of Abhishek Engineer, Managing Director of Ghanshyam Tiwari construction company. The organization’s dedication to the project and commitment to quality ensured that the beneficiaries received houses that were not just structurally sound but also aesthetically appealing. The completion of these homes is a testament to the successful collaboration between the private sector and the government in fulfilling the dream of housing for all.

449 Homes Built by Ojas Group Owned by Ajay Mangal

Another significant contributor to the PMAY housing scheme in Uttarakhand was the Ojas Group, owned by Ajay Mangal. With the completion of 449 homes, the Ojas Group showcased its expertise and commitment to social responsibility. The homes built by the Ojas Group have not only provided shelter but also contributed to the upliftment of the communities they serve.

Allocation Ceremony – A Symbol of Hope

The allocation ceremony, graced by the presence of Shri Prem Chandra Agarwal, was an emotional and heartwarming event. The honorable minister symbolically handed over the allocation letter to a 9-year-old boy, the son of one of the beneficiaries from Jhabarpur village in Haridwar. The touching moment brought smiles to everyone present and underscored the significance of the government’s efforts in providing housing for the needy.

Empowering Women: A Testament of Progress

One of the beneficiaries who attended the event was a courageous woman from Jhabarpur village in Haridwar. She not only stood as a symbol of empowerment but also exemplified the positive impact the PMAY scheme has on women. The allocation of a home to her and her son represents a step forward in promoting gender equality and creating a safer and more secure environment for families in need.


The allocation of 537 homes under the PMAY housing scheme in Uttarakhand signifies a significant milestone in the pursuit of “Housing for All.” The combined efforts of Abhishek Engineer’s team and Ojas Group, along with the support and vision of Shri Prem Chandra Agarwal and Shri Prakash Chandra Dumka, have resulted in a life-changing event for the beneficiaries. The beaming faces of those who received their allocation letters bear testimony to the hope and optimism that this scheme brings to the underprivileged communities in Uttarakhand. As the state continues to progress, initiatives like PMAY will undoubtedly play a crucial role in uplifting the less privileged and fostering inclusive growth in the region.

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