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Renowned Vedic Scholars, Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri and Dr. Pooja Sharma were honoured with the Best Iconic Award 2023 for Their Transformative Contributions

The coveted Best Iconic Award 2023 was bestowed upon the respected couple, Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri and Dr. Pooja Sharma, at a historic occasion hosted at the Radisson Hotel in New Delhi, in honour of their great contributions to Vastu and Astrology. The award ceremony was a historic occasion that recognised their unwavering dedication to positively changing lives via their significant expertise.

Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri, an internationally renowned specialist in Vedic sciences, was honoured for his unequalled precision in analysing over 2.5 Lac Kundlis. With decades of experience in this sector, he has been a catalyst for radical change in the lives of many people. The famous Mandira Bedi presented him with the prize, which symbolised his outstanding achievements.

Since 2010, Dr. Pooja Sharma, Dr. Shastri’s successful wife, has been a vital part of his path. She has instructed over 2000 students, both online and in person, and is widely recognised for her expertise in Vastu and Reiki. Dr. Sharma is also a well-known Numerovastu expert and a Reiki Master with a focus on Cosmic Healing Therapy. During the same evening, she was named Best Numero Vastu Consultant in India at the Indian Iconic Award 2023.

This husband-wife team’s collective knowledge goes far beyond Vastu and Astrology, including Numerology, Lo Shu Grid, Ramal, Prashna Jyotish, and Vedic Astrology. Their nearly 18 years of experience have had a major impact on the Vedic sciences.

Dr. Shastri and Dr. Sharma have been committed to sharing their wisdom and knowledge since 2012, encouraging and educating over 267 eager learners. Their mission of nurturing a community of knowledge seekers has not only enriched lives but also provided chances for employment through KarmKand.

The Best Iconic Award 2023 given to Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri and Dr. Pooja Sharma is a well-deserved recognition of their outstanding efforts in the field of Vedic sciences. It recognises their transforming impact on countless lives as well as their unwavering commitment to maintaining and promoting old traditions.

Individuals interested in speaking with Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri and Dr. Pooja Sharma or digging deeper into the vast domain of Vedic sciences might visit their website at You can also reach them at +91 9219634387.

This acknowledgement of their tireless efforts highlights the lasting importance of Vedic sciences in today’s world, as well as the deep impact that dedicated scholars like Dr. Dev Swarup Shastri and Dr. Pooja Sharma have in moulding the future via ancient wisdom.

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