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 ShipCorrect: Transforming the Logistics Industry with Unparalleled Innovation

Discover How ShipCorrect is Tackling Logistics Challenges with Innovation

New Delhi, India: In the fast-paced world of logistics and supply chain management, innovation isn’t just a buzzword; it’s the driving force that propels businesses forward. Imagine a platform that not only streamlines logistics operations but also revolutionizes the way companies perceive cost efficiency and customer service. This is where ShipCorrect, a Mumbai-based SaaS-based logistics enabler, comes into play. Co-founded in 2022 by the dynamic duo of Rahil Ranka and Bharat Dhas, is rewriting the rulebook of logistics in India.

ShipCorrect isn’t just another logistics platform, it’s leading a revolution that promises to transform the industry. As businesses across India grapple with logistics challenges, ShipCorrect emerges as a disruptor, offering a fresh perspective on how to achieve efficiency and cost-effectiveness in supply chain management. They have been operational for a few months and handle 50,000+ orders monthly.

In contrast to the approach adopted by many aggregators, which aggressively spend to acquire clients, ShipCorrect stands out for its wise financial strategy. Despite being operational for only a couple of months, the company boasts an impressive valuation of Rs. 28 crore. This success has garnered significant interest from investors who are actively seeking opportunities to invest in the company’s promising future.

At the heart of ShipCorrect’s success is its dedication to providing businesses with the Cheapest Pricing. By meticulously comparing prices across courier companies and aggregating data from various platforms, they ensure clients enjoy the most cost-effective logistics solutions, reshaping how businesses manage their expenses.

Additionally, ShipCorrect’s remarkable achievement in reducing RTO rates by over 30% is a game-changer for sellers, eliminating the hassle of dealing with undeliverable packages and enhancing customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the platform’s instant and automated Non-Delivery Report (NDR) capabilities set a new industry standard for customer service, saving time and resources in addressing undeliverable packages and fostering efficient solutions

Rahil Ranka, a visionary with a blend of IT expertise and leadership, brings over six years of invaluable experience from the e-commerce industry, coupled with a profound IT background. As the head of the company, he not only champions technological innovations but also provides visionary leadership that propels ShipCorrect to new heights.

Bharat Dhas, a logistics maestro with over a decade in the industry, is no stranger to the intricacies of supply chain management. His wealth of experience and industry insights have been instrumental in shaping ShipCorrect’s trajectory

Behind ShipCorrect’s success is a well-versed team at their Mumbai office. They are equipped with warehousing support and call centers for NDR across multiple locations, including Mysore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, and Nashik. Moreover, ShipCorrect operates a state-of-the-art warehouse (fulfillment center) in Bhiwandi, ensuring the seamless flow of goods and impeccable logistics services.

As ShipCorrect continues to redefine logistics, Rahil Ranka and Bharat Dhas are not just transforming their platform; they are transforming the entire logistics industry. Their innovative solutions—cheapest pricing, reduced RTO rates, and instant NDR—have set a new benchmark for excellence.

In an industry where efficiency and cost-effectiveness are paramount, ShipCorrect is leading the way, providing businesses with the tools they need to thrive in a competitive marketplace. 

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